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financial consulting servicesOur consulting and advisory services are designed to help you better manage business as well as personal finances. Sometimes we all need some financial advice beyond normal accounting and tax planning. Turn to Brumlow & Co, as our team full range of consulting services to meet your needs, including:

  • Retirement planning – we can help you set goals and implement strategies to maximize your wealth at retirement, and ensure you don’t outlive your money.
  • Business formation and planning – whether you’re just starting a business, or looking for advice for an established enterprise, our consultants can assist in formation, structure, and strategy.
  • Financial planning – let us evaluate your investments and finances to make sure you can meet both short- and long-term goals for life’s major milestones.
  • Corporate governance – we can provide regular financial reporting, audits, and oversight.
  • Fractional CFO – expert financial leadership on an as-needed basis for activities such as annual planning and budgeting, an accounting system implementations, a new product or division, or as an interim role while you hire a full-time CFO.

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